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Date Calc 0.4c

Calculate date intervals


  • Clear
  • Calculates any date interval


  • Nice to have a calendar option


Date Calc is an extremely simple piece of software that allows you to calculate exact intervals between any two dates. For instance, if you are counting down the days to your next holiday, just input today's date and the date your plane leaves the airport and Date Calc will immediately tell you how long you have to wait. Of course there are other uses for this, but I guessed you could relate to that one.

The interface is very clear and simple to use. You won't need to scroll through a help guide with this one. As soon as it loads it's obvious what you need to do. What's more, the possibilities are limitless. So if that holiday's not happening for another fifty years, it'll still calculate the number of days you need to wait. In fact, perhaps prisoners would find this useful.

Calculate exact intervals between days, months and years with Date Calc. No more guessing, just input the start and end date and the software tells you the time in between. This software makes operation on dates, such as:

  • Add 20 days to today's date
  • Subtract 30 day from a particular date
  • Calculate how many days there are between 2 dates (tell me how many days I'm old)
  • Conversion from days to years/months/days and vice-versa (how many years, months and days I'm old)

It can operate with 2, 3 or 4 dates, allowing operations like:

  • Starting from a particular date, add 20 days (tell me what day it is) and 30 more days.
  • To modify dates and/or date intervals, simply click on the respective buttons.
  • You may change some options, like using 2 or 3 dates.
  • The program remembers your choices even after you quit it.
  • An online help is avaliable.
  • It runs on Palm or Windows and it's open source.

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Date Calc


Date Calc 0.4c

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